Project Description

Tump Farm is located some 2.2Km north-east of the market town of Chepstow. The original site consisted of two parcels of land, which lay to the West of the Seven Estuary and the East of Sedbury totalling some 52 acres. This was reduced in line with the grid connection capacity and through a series of conversations with statutory consultees to 34.5 acres.  The site is split across two arable agricultural fields with ample amounts of gently sloping, un-shaded open land which is boarded by a dense crescent of deciduous woodland along the northern boundary. Both fields are lined along their boundaries by hedgerows of varying densities and thickness. A public footpath runs east to west across the site linking Sedbury Lane to the Severn Estuary.

Several amendments were made to the early plans following a public consultation held in nearby Sedbury Village Hall. Concerns were expressed about visibility over the western area of the site so the boundaries were revised accordingly. The proposal was to use Central inverters that are housed in a number of small shed style buildings measuring 2.3m high and 3 meters long. This was changed to string inverters that sit at a lower level than the panels, and less visible. Finally, suggestions on how to protect and screen the footpath were adopted.

Tump farm received planning approval following a geophysical study on 14 August 2015. The final area where the panels would be constructed had seen significant modifications to ensure the most suitable layout. The footpath through the centre of the site was retained, with a twenty-metre wide fenced off corridor screened by hedging sympathetic to the local ecology, and large biodiversity and tree protection buffers were placed around the site.