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JCB announces £100m investment

September 18, 2021|

JCB announces £100m investment JCB announces £100m investment in super-efficient hydrogen engines Digger maker JCB is investing £100 ...

Energy Island

September 18, 2021|

National Grid in talks for Energy Island UK company National Grid UK company National Grid has revealed ...

Deutz Hydrogen Engine

September 18, 2021|

German engine manufacturer Deutz Hydrogen instead of diesel or gasoline. German engine manufacturer Deutz has developed an ...

Patrickston Solar Farm Scheme

September 18, 2020|

Green Energy International are pleased to announce that planning permission has been granted for the Patrickston Solar Farm Scheme ...

New Green Hydrogen Plant

September 18, 2020|

New Green Hydrogen Plant China Wants Huge New Green Hydrogen Plant Operational In 2023 China offers promise ...

Bowdon Rugby Club

September 18, 2020|

Bowdon Rugby Club 50 kilowatt Solar array Founded in 1877 Bowdon Rugby Club have, in recent years, ...

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